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Help Ann fight for Wisconsin.

Ann is ready to bring her no-nonsense approach to Congress where she'll fight for our small businesses, fair wages for our workers, quality health care, and education that our children deserve and need to succeed in the future.

Help Ann fight for our community in Congress by joining her team today.

Help Ann fight for Wisconsin.

Meet Ann.

From restructuring a board of directors to uncovering purchasing and accounting errors at a Fortune 500 company to helping students get into their dream schools, Ann has spent her career creating real solutions to the big problems our community faces every day.


Older, moderate voters in the Milwaukee media market need to know that Ann Roe believes that these laws are extreme government overreach and private health care decisions should stay between a patient and her doctor with no interference from the government. In Congress, Roe will support federal legislation to reinstitute protections for reproductive health care services, including abortion.

Roe’s opponent, Bryan Steil signed a legal brief calling for a complete overturn of Roe v. Wade in 2020. When it was overturned by the Dobbs ruling in 2022, Steil celebrated, even though a majority of Wisconsinites support abortion access. He even voted against access to contraceptives. Steil’s views are extremist and he cares more about controlling other people’s health care decisions than he does about representing the opinions of Wisconsin voters.


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